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Fine prints in the Malabar Jewellary bill

The reverse side of the Malabar Jewellary Bill enlists the exchange policy of the company. The first one tells about exchange of gold purchased. If gold ornamnets are purchased the same can be exchanged within 15days of purchase without any deductions.

I had purchased a bangle and since I had paid a huge amount as making charge I decided to exchange it within few days of purchase. Since I had paid AED 5600/- approx value for the purchase I was under the impression that I was entitles to purchase anything for the same amount.

But I was shoked when the sales man asked me for how much I would like the gold to be charged at as the rate had come down by Aed 5 on that day. This I told was not accpectable as I will loose my money and will not get back jewels worth AED5600 that I had paid. Which also means the term ” with out any deductions” was nothing but a misleading statement to cheat customers.

When I had taken up this matter with the Malabar management and met their marketing manager he explained to me that “without any deductions” only meant no lose in terms of weight and making charge and the gold rate will be as per the market rate.

This I told him was not what the language in the bill conveyed and the wordings in the bill were misleading.

Though the Marketing Manager agreed to it and also assured me that within a months time he will rectify the error and change the wordings in the bill according to the company’s policy.

I would like to bring to the notice of this forum that all the companies exchange policy assures us of the cost paid by us which is either refunded or the value of the bill we can buy an alternate item. We are not affected by the flucations of the market price even if the commodity purchased is gold. Eg Damas exchange poilcy is 30 days and invoice value, Siroya 7 days invoice value…………. but Malabar is throwing the flucations in the market value very convenently on the consumer which is unacceptable.

There is also no exchange of certain items which is not informed to us at the time of purchase but is informed to us when we go for a exchange. This happened to me when I brought a Valentine day diamond pendent in 2012 and wanted to exchange it. But was shoked to know that there was no exchange on that product.

So please do check all the details of exchange in any outlet before you purchase…………

So before purchasing gold in Malabar please c