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SONY 40″ TV support troubles with Sharaf DG and Jumbo

I bought a Sony LCD TV from Sharaf DG in march , After 3 months I noticed that there is a red spot on the LCD in the middle of the TV . I thought that it could be something to do with the picture , later I came to know that it is a dead pixel & that this is a manufacturing defect & since it is a not easily noticeable I was not aware of it . I complained to Sharaf & they registered a complain , I asked them for a replacement which they said can’t be done and they passed my complain to the Jumbo electronic this was in the early week of July , one of their technician came after a week and said that the panel need to be changed & they need to take the TV to workshop , he said it can be done in one week . Then it took them more than a month to take the TV from my house this was on 21st Aug . then after one week when I asked they told me that the parts will take more time to arrive . I have been repeatedly calling Jumbo & Sharaf , and as of today there is no news on when tit will be ready . They have refused to provide any replacement or standby . Both are passing the buck to each other & I am struck with nowhere to go . I really regret buying this from sharaf