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Cannot claim warranty – Al Musbah Tyres

I have purchased 4 Kumho KH15 Tyres from Al Musbah Tyres, Sharjah on 15th October 2011. The tyres were fixed on Hyundai Tucson and was being used on highway mostly from Sharjah to Abu Dhabi. However on 14th Novermber 2011 after starting from my home early in the morning the vehicle suddenly became unstable and upon observing the tyres it was found that the right rear tyre is flat. I immediately took the tyre to Al Musbah Tyres who told me that they will have to send the tyre to the distributor in Dubai and in the meanwhile i fixed the spare tyre and was eagerly waiting for the replacement from the dealer. Today afternoon i received response from the dealer stating that the tire hit some strong object and cannot be replaced. Then i spoke to Mr.Asgar at Tire Agencies Centre to get my issue of replacement tyre sorted. They too are reluctant to replace the tyre giving me reasons which are baseless and un-realistic. Please help me.