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Classes not taken as promised

My son is studying in grade 10. I enrolled him for Java classes at Omega Institute, Al Safa Building, Khalid Bin Waleed Road, Al Mankhool, Dubai. I was promised that OOPS in Java as per school syllabus will be taught in 12 classes = 24 hours. I paid Dhs 500- for 12 classes.

He attended 5 classes or 10 hours of classes and was only taught about loops in C++. I went to the institute thrice to request them to teach the OOPS concepts. But it was of no use. Since time is a major factor, I decided to look for another institute.

When I asked for a refund of dhs 250-, Mr.Girish, the manager of the institute refused saying that they do have a refund policy.

All I want is the refund of the amount for the balance classes.