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Emirates- a world class airline and no Infant seat belt

Last March, me and my family travelled to Lahore via Emirates Airline. My family chose emirtaes because they want to experience travelling thru Emirates Airline and they want to see Terminal 3. Terminal 3 is really big and nice, but the service of Emirates Airline, its bad. Bad… but how?!?

We travelled with my 1 1/2 year old son. Usually, when travelling with so called high class airlines, they’re providing infant meals and toys, but due to the number of children travelling during that time, they didnt offer any infant meal. Well, without infant meal its fine, we have our own anyway, but, what’s shocking is they also didnt offer infant seatbelt. Well, we’re hearing some staff talking that there’s a lot of children and infants thats why they didn’t offer infant seatbelt. Its surprising. How come they weren’t prepared? I mean, aren’t they checking how many childrens/infant are travelling? Arent they checking how many of the passengers need special assistance? Maybe its acceptable from low class or budget airlines, but from a so called world class one.