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Wrong deductions by Etisalat

[1]I took SIM from Etisalat in the month of June 2010, and I am facing trouble with wrong deductions in June and July 2010. On complaining about the customer care they are giving lame excuses without logic at all.

1. I took the SIM on 08.06.2010 and activated on the same date. But, as per Etisalat I dialed on 07.06.2010.

2. I didnot request for any special service. But Etisalat deducting for special service of MTV (mobile TV). And if we can go through their website, for Mobile TV service there is a long procedure which involed SMS’s from both the customer and service provider.
Without my request, without their confirmation how can they provide services and deduct money without any intimation?

Please do needful in this matter. I suspect the liability of Etisalat, they may continue deduct without informing me.

Prabhakara Rao

Editor’s note: Etisalat number is being published to ensure your claim is verified by Etisalat.